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Trinity Sunday School Overview

Mission Statement

Education's goal is to provide and maintain a Christian Education Program emphasizing the development of our Anglican tenants, i.e. Faith, Tradition, Reason to children through young adults. We will help to provide an environment in which God’s children (of all ages) can grow in faith, through learning, serving and loving each other and the world as God loves us.


Jesus said, "…let the little children come unto me, for such belongs the Kingdom of God." (Luke 18: 16)

We give thanks to God for our children and Sunday school volunteers. Sunday school offers a place for children of diverse families to experience a loving community, where they can get to know God through Bible study and fellowship. By engaging in fellowship and church activities, they learn.

The Christian Education programs we have at Trinity are designed not only for any child, of any age, and any denomination, but adults as well are welcome to join us as we learn more about God’s love in our lives. Trinity offers age appropriate; Christian based learning opportunities throughout the year, based on a school calendar year. Our church school programs commence in early September, and conclude in early June. There are a number of special event that occur at various times throughout the year. Some events include:

  • Movie night. Kids are treated to pizza and snacks as they enjoy a movie on the ceiling in the comfort of their sleeping bags and pillow pets.
  • Easter Egg Hunt. Children of all ages participate in an Easter Egg hunt.
  • Palm Sunday. Always a favorite with the kids as they learn to make crosses out of Palms.
  • Youth Sunday. The children take over the church; from being greeters, ushers, readers, to even preaching the sermon!
  • Annual Christmas Pageant. All kids are encouraged to participate in the annual telling of the birth of Jesus through roll playing and song!
  • Stewardship. Our older kids volunteer their time at local Food Pantries, Animal Shelters, and even at events such as the Walk For Hunger.
  • Children Outreach. A special collection the children partake in to sponsor our child from El Hogar, Marvin. Some of the children also correspond with Marvin.

During the 10AM service’s opening hymn, the children gather and follow the procession together as a community to the classrooms with an acolyte. The children then split up into the two groups for their lessons. During the reading of announcements, an usher, or assigned person notifies the teachers by ringing the buzzer in the back of the Church to prepare the children to enter back into the main Church to be with their families to receive Holy Communion.

We are fortunate to have an energetic team of 3 volunteers for the nursery, 4 volunteer teacher/storytellers who instruct Godly Play on a rotating basis, 4 volunteer teachers who instruct the Tweeners on a rotating basis, and now 2 volunteer teachers who work with the Highschoolers. As you will see below, many of our teachers wear multiple hats and teach between the various groups. Be sure to give them an extra smile and thank you when you see them since none of our accomplishments would have been possible without the great teamwork and dedication of they provide. To them, a big Thank You! We invite anyone who is interested in helping with our Sunday school programs to please join our wonderful staff to build a bright future for our church.

At times, a snack or juice is provided to the children during these programs. Please inform your child's teachers about your child's allergies, likes and dislikes or any special needs.

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